What’s the real downside to listing now…

Inventory of competition is lower.  Law of supply and demand works!  Your home will stand out with serious buyers who have less to choose from now.  The odds of selling actually go up during this time of year.

Only serious buyers are out looking in the winter.  You might have fewer people come through the house – yet more are likely to make an offer.

Take exterior photos with holiday decorations.  This can be a big asset before being left with full-on-winter, dead landscaping – and nothing left to dress the home up.

Homes show better when decorated.  Fireplaces, evergreens and scented candles – all add to the beauty inside – when it’s not so nice outside.  This contrast can cause your home to show the best now!

It’s perfectly okay to have specific ‘no showing times during the holidays.  In fact, it’s expected.  Just because you are planning a few days of no showings is no reason to not be sale for the rest of the time.  “Not this week” is perfectly okay.

Houses feel more like “homes”.  Coming in from the cold a cozy home feeling causes emotions you can’t get other times of the year.  People are generally just more grateful and happier during this time of year.  That can equal a sale since a lot of buyers purchase based on emotion.

Online searches go way up.  People stay indoors and tend to do more home research online – versus other times of year when they are outdoors like the Spring and Summer.  If you aren’t listed – they won’t find you online.

End of year buyers may even pay more.  End of year buyers may have mental or actual deadlines they want to meet.  With less time to negotiate and fewer homes competing – it could equal the best price for you.  Often the % of asking price received is statistically higher November through March.

More day time showings in the winter.  With daylight savings time and holiday time off – daytime showings increase during this time of year – leaving your home free for you during evenings and weekends.

Some year end buyers often have an ‘urgency factor’ they must meet.  Many employers hire to start in January.  There are also tax benefits that can motivate buyers to purchase in November and December.  If you don’t list now – you will miss those buyers.

Late occupancies are common during this time.  Many that need to buy by end of year don’t have to occupy right away – allowing a real win-win.  They win by buying now – and the seller may be able to negotiate their move for later while taking their profit now.  This happens over the holidays more than any other time of the year.

Decreased demand on vendors means easier, quicker closings.  Lenders, appraisers, home inspectors, movers and other vendors are less busy during this time of year – causing more time for your transaction to be smoother and easier.

Think of the peace of mind you’ll have being ‘all done’ while other sellers are just getting started in the Spring.  Not listing now could cause you to miss your perfect buyer who needs to buy now!